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Every local business would love to have loyal customers. It is not easy to build a customer base within a couple of months.

It takes time and you will have to work on all those factors that will help you set up a local business.

Local SEO has extreme importance in this era. Everyone likes to Google services before hiring them.

It is about time you should start investing in improving SEO of your local business. With proper local SEO techniques, you can generate more leads, improve conversions, and close sales for your business.

It is important to rank high in the search engines with local keywords so you can find customers easily.

Your appearance in the search results should be your first goal. Understand how you can boost your local business. You will have to optimize Google Maps, GMB listings, and you will have to focus on improving leads.

Local SEO service will help you bring business to your local stores. It helps you increase sales up to 200%.

Our team will help your business by crafting a complete local SEO strategy. From content optimization to link building, we are here to help you out.

Generate More Traffic

With the help of Local SEO services offered by our team, you will be able to generate more traffic and leads. More traffic will lead you to more leads and more leads will get you more sales. Our local SEO packages are tailored for every small and medium-sized businesses that will help you succeed.

Outsmart Your Competitors

If you are not using a proper local SEO strategy, then your competitors will outrank you. Use smart local SEO strategy to outrank and outsmart your competition. We help you target the right keywords with right location.

Get Better Exposure

If you are not listed in various business listings, then you are missing out on so much. We will help you gain more exposure so your products and services are noticed. With our local SEO strategies, you will gain better exposure and you will find more local customers.

Reach Out to our Experts and discuss your business requirements.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO holds great value to all the businesses targeting a specific location to do business. It is a branch of SEO that emphasizes on website optimization for local search results.

Whenever you are searching for the terms like best dentist near me, you will get multiple results from your location. If you are running a business and providing specific services in a specific area, then local SEO help you succeed in your goals.

It is a process of optimizing your services and products so you can be found with local search terms. If you want to appear in search results for specific location, then local SEO is the process you should go through.

Why Local SEO is important?

Local SEO is important for numerous reasons. And, if you are running a local business in a specific area, then you will have to focus on local SEO to improve your online appearance.

If you don’t focus on improving your online reputation using local SEO, then your competitors will.

Whenever people are looking to find a specific service in the area, they use their mobile phones to find a good service.

More than 70% people search online for a business before visiting them in person. In 2020, more than 95% people searched for services and products online in their areas during the lockdown.

Now that you are aware of the importance of local SEO, you need to understand how you can improve local SEO to standout in the competition.

As a local business owner, you should cover the basics so you can appear in the search results. We have a handy guide that will help you how to do local SEO.

How to do Local SEO?

For every small business targeting a specific location, local SEO has extreme importance. When you are trying hard to appear in the local search results, then you will have to create an SEO strategy that will help you rank with the targeted keywords.

It is not that different from standard SEO procedure. All you have to do is to target your location when you are doing local SEO.

When you are targeting a specific location, you will have to use all those tools that will help you reach top of the search queries. You must understand how local business listings and GMB listing can help you improve your business.

You need to build trust and to do so; you will require excellent feedback from your customers. Make sure to focus on building a brand in a local market to achieve excellent local SEO results.

When you are optimizing your local SEO, then you are looking for more leads, more traffic to your website. You can utilize the provided tools in an effective way to outrank your competitors in the field. Let’s have a look at the few basics that you need to cover first.

Local SEO for businesses

Creating Google My Business Account

Your first step will be creating a Business Profile on world’s largest search engine. You will have to focus on optimizing Google listing.

After creating a Google My Business Account, you should focus on setting your business location on Google Maps. It will help you gain visibility in the local search results.

To optimize your business profile, you will have to add all the information about your business including maps to your Google My Business account.

To make all these changes, you will have to create Google My Business account and you will have to verify ownership of the business.

Make sure that you are providing correct and up-to-date information. Once you have added the basic information, you should consider adding your business logo, working hours, and acceptable payment methods to build trust of your customers.

Above all, to keep your business in the search results, make sure to publish posts to your business profile.

Regular Positive Reviews

We all know the importance of reviews for any business out there. However, when you are running a local business, the impact of reviews twofold. Make sure to work on getting positive feedback from your customers.

One negative review can ruin your business. It is extremely important to work on your business’s ratings. If you have a good reputation and strong reviews on your Google business listing, then it will encourage other customers and it will serve as a gateway to catch potential leads.

If your customers are happy from the services offered by you, then you can always ask them to leave a positive feedback at your profile.

Reviews holds great power and it can help you generate more leads for your business. With negative reviews on the top, people avoid buying a service or product. It is extremely important to manage your business reviews on different platforms.

Local SEO service reviews

Creating content based on local events

As a local business, you will have to focus on creating content to stay in the highlights. We all know the importance of regular posting and how it can affect your rankings. Make sure to target the keywords related to your services.

When you are doing regular posts based on local events, you will keep your business in the highlights. To improve authority of your local business, make sure to become an active voice on the internet and talk about your community on a regular basis.

By creating content based on local events and news, you will be able to target the right keywords that will help you gain exposure. You can always write articles about a specific thing or you can create videos about local causes and charities as well.

If you are offering real estate services, then talk about the real estate events in your community and area. Keep sharing tips to the buyers and keep targeting the local keywords to rank high.

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Website Optimization for Mobile

Now that you are targeting local SEO and you want local customers to visit your website, you will have to optimize your website for mobile.

More than 85% people doing local searches are mobile users. You need to be sure that you are optimizing your website for mobile to improve user experience.

If your website is optimized for mobile, then it will help your customer navigate through the services you are offering and it will help them get in touch with you easily.

Moreover, search engines favor the websites with better responsiveness. Create a responsive business website so you can have better chances to rank higher than the one with bad responsiveness. Make sure to work on website optimization for mobiles.

Location Targeted ‘About’ Page

One of the most important factors to consider when optimizing your website is to create a location targeted ‘About Us’ page.

It is extremely important to showcase your business and tell people who you are. You will have to share the location details on your ‘About’ page and share the working hours and off-days.

Make sure to share testimonials on ‘About’ page to build trust of your customers. Give all the business details including business phone, address, and complete name. It will be much better to pin Google Maps for your business address for better conversions.

Affordable Local SEO Packages

WordPressCue brings affordable local SEO packages for every small to medium-sized local business. If you are wondering how you can increase traffic to your online business and how you can increase revenues, then these packages are perfect for you.

Every package has something for local businesses and it helps you get noticed in the pool of competition. Our team will make sure that your services get the exposure that you are looking for. Compare the packages and choose the one that suits your requirements.

1 Location Per Month
Local Business SEO
Powerful Organic SEO
Local SEO Audit
5 Keywords Tracking
GMB Listing Optimization
Citation Building
5 Relative GMB Posting
Monthly Reporting
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3 Locations Per Month
Local Business SEO
Powerful Organic SEO
Local SEO Audit
15 Keywords Tracking
GMB Listing Optimization
Citation Building
10/Month Relative GMB Posting
4/Month Professional Blog Posts
2/Quarter Local Page Creation
Monthly Reporting
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Get More Leads with Proper Local SEO Campaign

Google My Business Management

Your local business’s backbone is your Google My Business Profile. If you are not focusing on it, then you are missing out on a lot of things. Google My Business (GMB) requires proper attention and a good local SEO strategy.

Our team is going to help you optimize your GMB and will help you maintain your business listing at the top search results. If you want to manage the GMB position at the top, then you will have to work on your profile.

Make sure to do regular and special GMB posts that will help you rank higher in the search engine. Our team is going to optimize your GMB listing and publish regular GMB posts that will help you rank higher in the search engine.

Local SEO Reporting Every Month

You will be sent a comprehensive local SEO report by our experts. You can review the report and you will be able to view all the work done by our team on the improvement of your local business.

In our monthly generated report, you will see all the data that will help you understand your on-going local SEO campaign.

We will also share suggestions for improvements and it will also help us understand your next requirements. More importantly, our SEO consultants are available to do live chat and detailed consultation that will help you improve your local SEO performance.

Monthly local SEO reporting

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Our Plans are tailored for your needs. Get more monthly organic traffic for your business.

On-Page local SEO

Our team will optimize your website for the targeted keywords and locations. We have a team of talented SEO professionals that will complete on-page local SEO for your website. We will help you rank high with targeted locations.

Local Keywords Optimization

We know you need to target local keywords and our team will continue working on local keywords optimization. It will help you rank with the location-specific keywords. All of our packages include local keyword optimization.

Citation Building

We will find powerful citations for your business and will make sure that all citations are built carefully. Your business will be listed in the best business directories that helps you capture your market. All citation’s login information will be provided to you.

Custom Reporting

Every month of your on-going campaign, you are going to receive a custom report. It includes all the work we have done to improve your search engine rankings with specific locations. We will also conduct local SEO audit of your website.


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